Welcome to Our Garden: Corpus Christi, Texas
Lat. 27: 46N - Long. 097: 30W - Elv. 13
Average Yearly Growing Season Days - 330 : First Frost - Dec.25 : Last Frost - Feb.4
Average Monthly Temperatures
Jan. 56.3 : Feb. 59.3 : Mar. 65.9 : Apr. 73 : May 78 : June 82.7
July 84.9 : Aug. 85 : Sept. 81.5 : Oct. 74 : Nov. 65 : Dec. 59.1
Yearly Annual Rainfall 30 inches
Zone 9
Year we started our garden spring 1997

 Palms in our Garden

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some of the images are out dated and well be changed as soon as possible!
 Acoelorrhaphe wrightii  Silver Saw Palmetto, Paurotis Palm, Everglades Palm  Paurotis Palm
 Adonidia merrillii  Christmas Palm  Christmas Palm
 Arenga engleri  Formosa Palm  Arenga engleri
 Brahea armata  Mexican Blue or Blue Hesper Palm  Blue Hesper Palm
 Brahea edulis  Guadalupe Palm  Guadalupe Palm
 Butia capitata  Pindo Palm or Jelly Palm  Jelly Palm
 Caryota mitis  Fishtail Palm  Fishtail Palm
 Chamaedorea elegans  Parlour Palm  Parlor Palm
 Chamaedorea metallica  Matallic Palm  Matallic Palm
 Chamaedorea metallica split leaf  Split-leaf Metallic Palm  C. metallica split leaf
 Chamaedorea microspadix  Bamboo Palm  Bamboo Palm
 Chamaedorea radicalis  No known common name  
 Chamaedorea seifrizii  Bamboo Palm  Bamboo Palm
 Chamaerops humilis  European Fan Palm or Mediterranean Palm  Mediterranean Palm
 Dypsis decaryi  Triangle Palm  Triangle palm
 Dypsis decipiens  No known common name  White crownshaft palm
 Hyophorbe lagenicaulis  Bottle Palm  Bottle Palm
 Livistona australis  Austrlian Cabbage Palm  image coming soon
 Livistona chinensis  Chinese Fan Palm  Chinese weeping palm
 Livistona decipiens  Ribbon Fan Palm  image coming soon
 Livistona carinensis  Wissmannia  
 Livistona hibrid  San Antonio  
 Livistona saribus  Taraw Palm  Taraw Palm
 Nannorrhops ritchieana  Mazari Palm still in container  Mazari Palm
 Phoenix canariensis  Canary Island Date Palm  Canary Island Palm
 Phoenix dactylifera  Date Palm  True Date Palm
 Phoenix hibrid  dactylifera xreclinata  image coming soon
 Phoenix humilis  Dwarf Palm  Phoenix humilis
 Phoenix loureirii  Dwarf Palm  Phoenix loureirri
 Phoenix pusilla  Ceylon Date Palm, Inchu Palm  image coming soon
 Phoenix roebelenii  Pygmy Date Palm  Pygmy Date Palm
 Ravenea rivularis  Majesty Palm  Majesty Palm
 Ravenea glauca  No known common name still in container  Ravenea glauca
 Rhapis excelsa standard (glossy leaf)  Lady Palm  Lady Palm
 Rhapis excelsa standard (dull leaf)  Lady Palm  Lady Palm
 Rhapis excelsa 'koban'  Lady Palm  Gold coin
 Rhapis excelsa 'green varigated'  Lady Palm still in container  Green varigated Lady palm
 Rhapis excelsa 'daruma'  Lady Palm  Dwarf Lady Palm
 Rhapis excelsa 'kodaruma'  Lady Palm  Dwarf Lady Palm
 Rhapis excelsa 'tenmen'  Lady Palm  varigated lady palm
 Rhapis excelsa 'tenzan'  Lady Palm  Lady Palm
 Rhapis excelsa 'fukuju'  Lady Palm  Dwarf Lady Palm
 Rhapis excelsa 'daikokuten'  Lady Palm  Lady Palm
 Rhapis excelsa 'taiheiden'  (King) of the Lady Palms  King of the lady palms
 Roystonea elata  Royal Palm  Royal Palm
 Sabal mauritiiformis  Palma de vaca, palma amarga, palma de guagara.  Sabal mauritiiformis
 Sabal mexicana  Texas Sabal  Texas Sabal
 Sabal minor  Dwarf Palmetto  Sabal minor
 Sabal palmetto  Palmetto Palm  Flordia sabal
 Sabal rosi  No known common name  Sabal rosi
 Syagrus romanzoffiana  Queen Palm  Queen Palm
 Thrinax parviflora  Thatch Palm  Thrinax
 Trachycarpus fortunei  Windmill Palm  Trachycarpus
 Trachycarpus f. wagnerianus  Windmill Palm (Takugai)  Takugai
 Trithrinax acanthocoma  Spiny Fibre Palm  Trithrinax
 Washingtonia filifera  California Fan Palm  image coming soon
 Washingtonia robusta  Mexican Fan Palm  Mexican Fan Palm
 Washingtonia robusta x filifera  Mexicali Palm  Mexi-Cali Palm
 Wodyetia bifurcata  Foxtail Palm  Wodyetia

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