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1) What is Aspergillus?
Aspergillus Soil Culture is a breakthrough product designed to increase germination and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers while increasing the yield of various crops, including garden varieties and ornamentals. The product is a strain of naturally occurring soil culture which has the ability to accelerate decomposition of organic material and increase nitrogen in the soil. Unlike bacterial cultures presently on the market, this soil culture does not require the presence of nodule producing legumes to be effective.

2) How well does Aspergillus work?
Test show consistent ten to forty percent yield increase with various crops. Soil analyses have shown nitrogen buildup of over 25 pounds per acre after one growing season.

3) How does Aspergillus work?
In addition to nitrogen increase, this soil culture has two other properties - stimulation of seed germination and plant growth. Seed test on many different crops, garden vegetables and ornamentals have shown consistently increased germination rates, better root system development, and more rapid plant growth. This soil culture also has the ability to accelerate the decomposition of organic material present in the soil, including straw, weeds, insects and molds. Over 38 digestive enzymes have been isolated from strains of this organism, allowing better use of stubble, mulches and other humus.

4) How is Aspergillus used?
One cup of this product can be sprinkled over each bushel of seed as it is added to the planter box, then mixed thoroughly using hands or a stick. Garden seed may be coated in a small container just prior to planting. Any excess of the coating may be retained for later use. Plants that are transplanted may be dusted with soil culture on their roots. A small amount of the product may be applied to the soil of house plants and watered as usual. For established trees and shrubs, mix one cup of soil culture to 100 gallons of water with your usual adjuvant and deep root feed as you normally would. This product is easily applied and very efficient.

5) Are there any dangers with the product?
No known harmful effects have been found, as there is little danger from this naturally-occurring organic culture. As long as the product is kept dry, the life of this product is relatively unlimited.

6) Do herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides affect soil culture?
When all products are properly applied, the soil culture remains alive and most active. Apparently, unless the seed is harmed by herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides, no damage will occur due to interaction effects of the soil culture with these chemicals.

7) What are the potential advantages of using this product?
This soil culture can significantly reduce the need for nitrogen-based fertilizers. Soil conditions vary and so will increased production yields. Expect to receive greater yields even the first year of application. For the commercial grower, expect significant increases in seed germination and quicker root propagation. Landscapers and arborists should see less transplant shock and quicker feeder root growth.

8) Has Aspergillus been tested?
Aspergillus has been tested actively for several years. Test have been conducted in Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Texas. Recently with tremendous results. Where the culture has been used for four or more years, controlled test indicates substantial increases.

9) How often is this product to be applied?
That's the best part, as you only need to apply Aspergillus once a year, at the beginning of the growing season.

10) Bottom Line
Less Chemical Nitrogen = $$$
Increased Yields = $$$
Lower Cost = $$$

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Seed and Plant Growth Aid
Contains naturally occurring soil micro-organisms (Aspergillus) stabilized in dry form which help germinate seed and stimulate root growth. Keep product dry, water activates culture.

For seed, use one cup culture per bushel of seed. Coat seed with culture before planting. For package of seed, add about one tsp. close package and shake to coat seed. For cuttings, coat 2 inches on end of cutting and insert coated end into a pre-made hole in the soil. To inoculate plants or trees already in the ground, make holes around root area and sprinkle a small amount into each hole, refill and water in. Unlike other Growth Promoting Products that must be mixed and sprayed from every two to four weeks during the growing season, Garden Eden only needs to be applied once a year! And product will last forever if stored dry. Click Here for more information and how nitrogen is made from organic matter.

Note: When starting seed, its is recommended that a sterilized starting mix be used. This is because unsterilized soil can contain pathogenic bacteria, which can cause damping off of the seedling. During the sterilization process, even the beneficial microorganism are destroyed. By adding Aspergillus inoculate, you will be reinstating some of the lost, micro-flora that the seed and newly formed root system needs in order to grow into a healthy vigorous plant.
Test results on germinating Chamaedorea radicalis, Syagrus cearensis & Attalea polysticha seed.

Note: Keep soil damp after planting!
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 3 ounce
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 8 ounce
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Compost Culture Concentrate

Contains naturally occurring soil micro-organisms which improve and accelerate decomposition of all compost materials. Keep product dry, water activates culture.

Directions: Apply sparingly over layers of grass, leaves, hay, or manure* and mix thoroughly. Water every 3 days.
Cow, horse or chicken manure.

Compost provides an idea soil environment that promotes the growth of essential microscopic soil organisms such as beneficial bacteria and fungi, which break down plant residues and makes them readily available for plant use. Its helps by making clay soil loose and friable while giving body and water-holding capacity to sandy soils. Its slowly releases nutrients which never burn tender roots as can chemical fertilizers. Simply put, it gives back to the soil what your plants take away!
New product coming soon

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