Sago Palm 'variegated' (Cycas revoluta)

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Cycas revoluta
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Cycas revoluta
(Sago Palm)

This handsome evergreen plant is neither a palm as it is often referred to as "Sago Palm" or fern, but is a primitive, cone-bearing plant that is related to conifers and requires both female and male plants to produce seed. Cycas revoluta is native to Japan and is hardy to about 15°F, although many survived the Texas big freeze of the 1980's, where temperatures dropped to 11°F and remained below freezing for more than 72 hours. It is a slow grower and can grow to more than 10 feet, some even develop multi heads or even become variegated like the one pictured above. It has the appearance of a palm, with its 2-3 foot long feather-like leaves and can give your landscape that tropical look. Plants can be started either by seed or pups, the suckers that appear at the base, or on the plant itself. This is one tough plant that can be grown in a container or tub, as a house or patio plant. They also make good bonsai subjects. For more information and an excellent "Cycad Bulletin Board" check out Tom and Cyndy Broome's "The Cycad Jungle". More information can be found in Robert L. Riffle's book "The Tropical Look " also Fresh Sago Seed

Cycas revoluta female with seed.

Cycas revoluta

Cycas revoluta from 15 gallon to 3 gallon size.

Cycas revoluta
(Sago Palms)

Cycas revoluta 'variegated'


Sago palms ready for move up


Sago roots

Newly moved up sagos


Multi-Coned Male


Female Cone

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