Rhapis excelsa taiheiden 
Rhapis excelsa 'Taiheiden'
The "king of the kannonchiku"

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RHAPIS excelsa
"Taking the pups"

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Rhapis excelsa "The Lady Palm"
Lady palms are readily propagated by removing the pups and re-potting them in their own pot. The pups are the new shoots that grow through the stolon from the mother plant. This is a photo essay showing how the process is done, and what to look for while removing these baby plants, to insure a better survival rate. Click on smaller image for more details and larger photo.

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clearing soil from root ball
step #1
Cleaning soil from around root ball.

pulling roots
Step #2
Pulling and prying roots

prying stolon
Step #3
Prying stolon away from mother plant

making cut
Step #4
Making the final cut


the removal
Step #5
The removal

small Taiheiden pup
Small Rhapis excelsa 'Taiheiden' Pup

make ready for shipping
Cleaning roots and getting pups ready for shipping.


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Rhapis excelsa 'taiheiden' 

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