Why Buy a Metal Garden Hose?

Rubber garden hoses are a pain in the butt.  Always have been, probably always will.  They kink, they spring leaks, and somehow even knot themselves up, just like an extension cord.  Exposed to the sun for a few years and most rubber garden hoses will start to crack and fall apart.

Some might argue that the best garden hose is a metal one.  The problem with this is that up until now, metal hoses have not lived up to the hype.  Our friends have done some extensive reviews on these metal garden hoses and you might be surprised at the results.


The price of metal hoses has long been the reason that they weren’t popular.  Nobody really cared about claims of the hose lasting 2 or 3 times longer than a rubber one when the price was five times.  The purchase just didn’t make sense for most of us unless the hose was being used in extremely harsh conditions.  Now you might be amazed to know that some of the more popular metal garden hoses are even less in cost than rubber ones!  So price is taken off the list of drawbacks finally.


A lot of metal hose makers were putting cheap plastic fittings on their hoses.  Putting something that will break so easily on a hose that is supposedly so sturdy doesn’t make sense.  Now, you will find many makers are adding quality brass couplers to their hoses.  Choosing one of the hoses with brass fittings checks off another one of the drawbacks metal hoses used to have.


All garden hoses tangle to some degree.  It is a frustrating part of their existence.  But I like to think of this as a first world problem.  Meaning that if all you have to worry about today is your garden hose tangling, you have it a lot better than a billion or so other people in the world.  But still, tangled garden hoses is something to consider when choosing your next hose.  Metal hoses were once known for tangling as much if not more than rubber ones but you may find this is not so much the case any more.  Like almost any purchase I make these days, I read reviews and try to form an opinion of the product long before I decide to buy it.  Doing this has made me realize that modern metal garden hoses seem to be far less likely to tangle than ones made even a few years ago.

Benefits of a Metal Garden Hose

So now that you have some background on the possible downsides to a metal hose versus a rubber one, it’s time to look at the benefits that only a metal hose can give you.

  • Puncture Free

    • Ever dragged your rubber hose over a sharp rock or other obstacle only to find it spraying water everywhere?  That is a virtual impossibility with a metal hose and is one of it’s biggest advantages in the list.
  • Kink Free

    • We all know what it’s like to turn on the nozzle on the hose only to find there is no water pressure.  Now you have to drop the nozzle and walk back and find out what’s wrong.  Sure enough, the hose kinked.  And what’s worse is, that once a hose kinks in a spot  it becomes easier and easier to kink in the same place again.  After a while, that rubber hose can become a kinky mess.  Metal hoses are kink free.  Pull it out and turn on the nozzle and you’re good to go.
  • Compact

    • Metal hoses are much more compact than rubber ones.  If you need to carry a hose with you, carrying a metal one will take up much less room.
  • Animal Friendly

    • Some dogs just feel the need to chew everything in sight, especially if it’s moving.  If you have one of those dogs that likes to play tug with the hose while you are dragging it around you don’t have to worry about him or her chomping a hole in it with their teeth.


We hope that you’ve found some good ideas in our article in your search for the elusive best garden hose.  Do your research and buy the best hose for your budget and your situation and you should be happy with it for years to come.