Musa xparadisiaca 'blue java' Ice Cream Banana

Musa Banana

Some people refer to bananas as trees or palms, but they are neither a tree nor a palm, but a giant clumping tropical herb. 

Bananas are fast growing and most sucker freely once the plant is established, which doesn’t take long after planting.

The pseudostem blooms once and dies after fruiting, and the trunk should be cut down after fruit have been harvested. 

Most banana plants can grow at the rate of a foot or more a year if conditions are right (warm weather, lots of water, fertilizer and a good rich soil). 

Bananas, because of their shallow root system, likes a mulch of leaf mold and other organic matter, added to the top of the soil throughout the growing season.

Ideal temperatures are between 80°F to 96°F day time and 72°F to 84°F at night , Most bananas stop growing when temperatures drop below 60°F. 

Musa ssp. can be grown from the corm (The swollen, solid, ususally subterranean base or stem). The banana produces smaller corms known as cormels or cormlets that are attached to the mother plant. These cormlets can be cut from the adult plant and potted up and a new baby banana well grow, mature and produce bananas in the next season. 

Musa acuminata “Dwarf Cavendish” is one of the best tub plants for indoor (green house, sun room) growing, small sized plant that produces fresh great tasting bananas.

Banana Images

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