Palms in our Garden

Palms in our Garden

Here is a visual list of most of the palms in our garden.

Acoelorrhaphe wrightii

(Everglades Palm; Silver Saw Palm; Paurotis Palm) and Ravenea rivularis (Majesty Palm)

Adonidia merrillii

Formerly known as, “Veitchia merrillii” (Christmas Palm)

Arenga engleri

Formosa Palm

Brahea armata

Mexican Blue or Blue Hesper Palm

Brahea edulis

Guadalupe Palm

Butia capitata

Pindo Palm or Jelly Palm

Caryota mitis

Fishtail Palm

Chamaedorea elegans

Parlour Palm

Chamaedorea metallica

Metallic Palm

Chamaedorea metallica split leaf

Split Leaf Metallic Palm male inflorescences. Requires both male and female plants to set seed.

Chamaedorea microspadix

Bamboo Palm

Chamaedorea seifrizii

Bamboo Palm

Chamaerops humilis

(Mediterranean Fan Palm, European Fan Palm). This was a sucker or pup, cut from a larger palm and planted in 1997. Washingtonia robusta x filifera trunks in back ground

Dypsis decaryi

Triangle Palm

Dypsis decipiens

No common name

Hyophorbe lagenicaulis

Bottle Palm

Livistona chinensis

Chinese Fan Palm

Livistona carinensis


Livistona hibrid

San Antonio

Livistona saribus

Taraw Palm

Nannorrhops ritchieana

Mazari Palm

Phoenix canariensis

Canary Island Date Palm

Phoenix dactylifera

Date Palm

Phoenix humilis

Dwarf Palm

Phoenix loureirii

Dwarf Palm: Sometimes referred to as P. humilis or P. hanceana and often confused with P. roebelenii which is very similar in appearance, but can be distinguished by the leaflets rising on different planes. Showing male inflorescence fully opened.

Phoenix roebelenii

Pygmy Date Palm

Ravenea rivularis

Majesty Palm

Ravenea glauca

No known common name

Rhapis excelsa standard (glossy leaf)

Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa standard (dull leaf)

Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa 'koban'

Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa 'green varigated'

Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa 'daruma'

Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa 'kodaruma'

Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa 'tenmen'

Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa 'tenzan'

Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa 'fukuju'

Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa 'daikokuten'

Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa 'taiheiden'

(King) of the Lady Palms

Roystonea elata

Royal Palm

Sabal mauritiiformis

Palma de vaca, palma amarga, palma de guagara

Sabal mexicana

Texas Sabal

Sabal minor

Dwarf Palmetto

Sabal palmetto

Palmetto Palm

Sabal rosi

No known common name

Syagrus romanzoffiana

Queen Palm

Thrinax parviflora

Thatch Palm

Trachycarpus fortunei

Windmill Palm

Trachycarpus f. wagnerianus

Windmill Palm (Takugai)

Trithrinax acanthocoma

Spiny Fibre Palm

Washingtonia robusta

Mexican Fan Palm

Washingtonia robusta x filifera

Mexicali Palm

Wodyetia bifurcata

Foxtail Palm

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