Phoenix roebelenii

Phoenix roebelenii Pygmy Date Palm

Phoenix roebelenii “Pygmy Date Palm”

A small (even miniature) feather palm, from Laos and southeast Asia, with a slender trunk that can grow to about 10 feet (3.0m) in height.

Fruit are small, about 1/2 inch (1.25cm) long, and range from dark purple to brown/black when fully ripe.

In South Texas, palms start to flower around April – May and fruit ripen between September and October.

Phoenix roebelenii are hardy to around 24°F (-5°C) for a short time, many here in the Corpus Christi area, have survived temperatures to 21.5°F (-6.5°C) for a very short time (without frost) and only suffered some minor leaf damage.

They like lots of water and fertilizer during the hot months, and by giving palms a little extra nitrogen during the growing season, keeps them looking their best.

Pygmy Date Palm can be grown in shade to full sun and make wonderful planter palms for indoors or on the deck during the warmer months. If planting them out, choose a site that is well protected, either next to a wall, building or house (south side preferred) or under a large tree

Phoenix roebelenii "Pygmy Date Palm" Images

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