Musa xparadisiaca 'blue java' Ice Cream Banana

Musa Banana

Some people refer to bananas as trees or palms, but they are neither a tree nor a palm, but a giant clumping tropical herb. Bananas are fast growing and most sucker freely once the plant is established, which doesn’t take long after planting. The pseudostem blooms once and dies after fruiting, and the trunk should …

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Palms in our Garden

Palms in our Garden

Here is a visual list of most of the palms in our garden. Acoelorrhaphe wrightii (Everglades Palm; Silver Saw Palm; Paurotis Palm) and Ravenea rivularis (Majesty Palm) Adonidia merrillii Formerly known as, “Veitchia merrillii” (Christmas Palm) Arenga engleri Formosa Palm Brahea armata Mexican Blue or Blue Hesper Palm Brahea edulis Guadalupe Palm Butia capitata Pindo …

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Rhapis excelsa 'standard'

Dwarf Rhapis Images

Here is a nice selection of Rhapis Excelsa Dwarf named varieties for your enjoyment…. If you’d like to purchase one or more of these for your home, please check out the link below. Rhapis Excelsa Dwarf Named Varieties ZOOM Rhapis excelsa ‘Zuiko-Lutino’ Light green to medium green leaves with dark green stripes. ZOOM The tallest …

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The "king of the kannonchiku"

Rhapis excelsa taiheiden

King of the Kannonchiku Rhapis excelsa Images The “king of the kannonchiku” Rhapis excelsa ‘taiheiden’ is perhaps the most sought after of the all-green Rhapis. This is truly the “King of kannonchiku”. The quality of the leaf is very good, they are very large, wide and thick. The leaves and trunks are the largest of …

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Rhapis excelsa kodaruma

Rhapis excelsa Lady Palm images

ZOOM Rhapis excelsa ‘kodaruma’ female with inflorescences. ZOOM Rhapis excelsa ‘kodaruma’ female with inflorescences. ZOOM Rhapis excelsa ‘kodaruma’ with female inflorescences ZOOM Rhapis excelsa ‘kodaruma’ female with seed. ZOOM Rhapis excelsa (Lady Palm) in the Garden ZOOM Rhapis excelsa ‘Daruma’ male plant. ZOOM Rhapis excelsa seed that have been cleaned ZOOM Rhapis excelsa (Lady Palm) …

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Rhapis excelsa 'Taiheiden' pup

Rhapis excelsa Lady Palms

The difficulty in identifying “Rhapis excelsa” species Rhapis excelsa, from seed, grow painfully slow and are almost impossible to know what variety, form or cultivars one is growing until the plant is mature, even then it can become difficult in identification of these plants unless you know the seed and it’s parentage. Rhapis excelsa can …

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